Tax law

  • Negotiations with the tax authorities (objection, ruling, ...)
  • Tax litigation before courts and courts of appeal
  • Advice on personal income tax, corporate income tax, tax for legal persons, VAT, registration duties, regional and local taxes, national and international

Estate planning

  • (Fiscal) structuring of family (and other) capital and successions
  • Assistance in repatriation of capital and real estate transactions in France

Company law

  • Drafting and negotiating of statutes, bylaws and shareholder agreements
  • Establishment of management companies
  • Assistance in withdrawal/exclusion of partners
  • Negotiations regarding acquisition, merger or splitting up of companies

Commercial law

  • Drafting of various contracts (licensing, agency, ...)
  • Litigation before courts and courts of appeal

Financial law

  • Mortgage and other foreclosures

Social law

  • Settling dismissals and bogus self-employments
  • Litigation concerning social law including industrial accidents


  • A customer was charged the infamous tax penalty by 309% because he had forgotten to declare the advantage of the "free" use of his current account. Through our mediation the penalty was entirely waived and the customer only had to pay the normal tax on the advantage.
  • Three consultants work together within one company. After a number of meetings with our office, we were able to draw up an agreement that satisfied all their aspirations.
  • Two clients had inherited some of their father's real estate along with an amount of tax debts to the same value. Through our mediation the debts were greatly reduced and the legal proceedings that had been dragging on for more than twenty years came to an end.
  • A client had practiced her liberal profession together with three other individuals in two companies. She wished to terminate the cooperation and we ensured that she got a legitimate compensation for her shares.
  • A client had worked abroad for some years but had not declared that income. We negotiated for several months with the tax authorities to regularise this revenue and came to an agreement so that the funds became legally acquired.
  • A client was importing from a southern European country. We drafted the distribution agreement. Another started with a new product in Belgium that he was licenced to commercialize. We took care of the sublicense contracts.